Victorian Silver, Brass and Paste Antique Snake Buckle

Featuring a striking serpent design, this rare and special buckle dates from the Victorian era. 

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The Details...

This buckle is constructed from silver plated brass. It is detailed with round, clear and red paste stones. The buckle measures 6cm x 3.5cm. 

A Short History...

Antique paste jewels are highly collectable and examples from the 18th and 19th centuries are especially sought after. This is because they're representative of the earliest days of costume jewellery development and are tokens that illustrate that nobility and royalty were beginning to accept imitation jewels. Indeed, in the 1700s, when George Fr√©d√©ric Strass marketed his 'false diamonds' to the French King and the Bourbon Court, paste jewellery became highly fashionable. This buckle is a lovely example of Victorian paste. Paste stones were created from as early as the second half of the 17th century, after the Englishman George Ravenscroft began developing lead crystal glass in 1676. The stones were made by finely pulverising the lead crystals, casting them in moulds and then polishing them. 

Wear it With...

This buckle is a dream collectors piece. Display it on a dressing table with other jewels and accessories of note or, perhaps, wear it as a pendant suspended from a secure chain. 

  • Colour Red, Diamante, Silver, Gold
  • Era 1900s
  • Occasion Bridal, Cocktail and Evening, Wedding Guest
  • Trend One with Nature