1920s Art Deco Painted and Carved Celluloid Vintage Pansy Design Bangle

This pretty and evocative bangle would have been a Flapper Girl's 'Must Have'. It dates from the 1920s and is unsigned.

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The Details...

This bangle is constructed from cream coloured celluloid. It features carved and hand-painted motifs of pansies. Black, red, green and blue are used to great effect. The internal diameter of this bangle is 7cm. This bangle was intended to be worn far up the arm - a popular fashion with the sleeveless flapper dresses on trend at the time of its manufacture.

A Short History...

Celluloid was a highly popular material in jewellery manufacture during the 1920s and 1930s. Newly pioneered injection molding processes, meant that cellulose could be used to produce many identical pieces at the same time. This resulted in the cost per item of celluloid pieces being very low and the material could therefore cater for post-wartime and post-depression demands for affordable jewellery. 

Wear it With...

Stack this bangle with others of similar shades to add interest to a cream silk shirt and jeans. 

  • Colour Green, Blue, Black, Cream, Red
  • Era 1920s
  • Occasion Wedding Guest, Smart Casual, Holiday and Globetrotting, Cocktail and Evening
  • Trend Floral, Gatsby Glamour, One with Nature