1930s Art Deco Marcasite Vintage Flower Design Dress Clips

Sparkling and beautiful, these dress clips are lovely examples of Art Deco costume jewellery. 

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The Details...

These silver tone metal dress clips are detailed with small, round Marcasite stones. The stones are arranged in a flower pattern around the outer edge of each clip. Each clip measures 2.5cm x 3cm. 

A Short History...

During the 1920s and early 1930s, jewellery was influenced by the dawn of a new era. There was a push for all things modern after the shock of the First World War - people wanted to be cleansed of the old and celebrate the new. In the world of design a pure, hard-edged style was craved. This resulted in linear, geometric jewellery designs. This style was often combined with feminine motifs to cater for the Flapper girls. Such a combination of ideas can be seen in these beautiful dress clips.

Wear it With...

These dress clips look chic worn attached to the points of a collar on a denim or white shirt. 

  • Colour Silver
  • Era 1930s
  • Occasion Bridal, Wedding Guest, Cocktail and Evening, The Festive Season
  • Trend Floral, Gatsby Glamour