Trifari 1940s Rhodium Plate and Paste Flower Design Vintage Fur Clip

This fur clip dates from the 1940s and was created by Trifari. 

Condition Report:

Very Good - The brightness of some stones is beginning to fade due to ageing. However, this is only visible upon very close inspection and in certain lights. It does not detract from the overall appeal of the piece.   

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The Details...

This fur clip is constructed from Rhodium Plated metal. It features a flower design. It is set with colourless round paste stones and an oval cut, emerald green crystal. This crystal is open-backed, so that the light passes through it. The clip is signed. The 'Trifari' mark, with a crown above the T, is stamped on the reverse of the clip. It is also stamped with 'PAT. PEND' and the number 39, which represents the operative that made the piece. This piece measures 3.25cm x 3cm. 

A Short History...

This fur clip is emblematic of the 'Cocktail Style' of costume jewellery being produced and worn during the late 1940s and Early 1950s. In the post-war world there was a craze for costume jewellery that was ostentatious and glitzy; featuring stones in outlandish sizes and showy colourways. This form of jewellery was referred to as 'cocktail' because it was commonly worn to a way of gathering together that was becoming increasingly popular - the cocktail party.

Wear it With...

This fur clip is perfect for evening wear or a special occasion. It would look beautiful with a little black dress, but equally chic with a bridal gown. Alternatively, wear it in the day - pinned to the top of a buttoned up crisp white shirt.

  • Designer Trifari
  • Colour Diamante, Green, Silver
  • Era 1940s
  • Occasion Bridal, Cocktail and Evening, The Festive Season, Wedding Guest
  • Trend Hollywood Golden Era, Floral