1920s Egyptian Revival Pharaoh Design Vintage Celluloid Buckle

Featuring a typical Egyptian Revival design, this rare buckle dates from the 1920s. 

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The Details...

This buckle is constructed from celluloid and is hand painted and molded with a Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh design. It measures 6cm in diameter. This buckle will be provided with an 1m length of black velvet ribbon, so that it can be worn as a choker or necklace. 

A Short History...

Celluloid was a highly popular material in jewellery manufacture during the 1930s. Newly pioneered injection molding processes, meant that cellulose could be used to produce many identical pieces at the same time. This resulted in the cost per item of celluloid pieces being very low and the material could therefore cater for post-Depression demands for affordable jewellery. 

Wear it With...

This buckle could be worn as a collar necklace with a floral midi-length tea dress, for a quirky twist to a vintage look. 

  • Colour Orange, Brown, Black, Green, Yellow, Red
  • Era 1920s
  • Occasion Smart Casual, Holiday and Globetrotting, Everyday, Cocktail and Evening
  • Trend Gatsby Glamour, World Voyage