c.1800 Silver and Paste French Saint Esprit Antique Pendant

Beautiful, evocative and meaningful, this pendant was created in France c.1800.

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The Details...

This pendant (although unahllmarked) is most certainly silver. It features a dove motif, known as a 'Saint Esprit', with a bow design above it. The pendant is set with small, round, clear paste stones. The dove section of the pendant can be un-hooked from the bow section to create two smaller pendants. The pendant measures 6cm x 4cm. 

A Short History...

Jewellery featuring a 'Saint Esprit' was made and worn in late 18th and early 19th century France, particularly the Normandy region. The 'Saint Esprit' was a dove with wings out-stretched representing the Holy Ghost. This religiuous symbol was also worn to signify love and power. This lovely pendant was clearly very special for its original owner, as they have etched their initials on the reverse of the dove.

Wear it With...

Add this pendant to your favourite chain and wear to symbolise faith, love and power. 

  • Colour Diamante, Silver
  • Occasion Bridal, Cocktail and Evening, Wedding Guest, Smart Casual
  • Trend Delicate and Demure, One with Nature