1930s Art Deco Glass and Chrome Vintage Necklace

Featuring a typical Art Deco design, this necklace dates from the 1930s and was most likely created in Germany.   

Condition Report:

Very Good - The barrel clasp is likely to be a later addition. However, the other components of the necklace are completely original and in excelllent condition.   

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The Details...

This collar necklace features a geometric design of alternating green and white glass panels interspersed with chrome bars. It fastens with a barrel clasp. The necklace holds its collar shape when unclasped. It measures 13cm in diameter between its inside points.  

A Short History...

During the 1920s and early 1930s, jewellery was influenced by the dawn of a new era. There was a push for all things modern after the shock of the First World War - people wanted to be cleansed of the old and celebrate the new. In the world of design a pure, hard-edged style was craved. This was evident in Bauhaus architecture, cubist art and the dropped-waist, linear-cut silhouette of the Flapper Girl. Jewellery designers looked to celebrate a burgeoning, bright industrial future in their work, creating pieces that looked almost mechanical with their sharp shapes and chrome coloured highlights. This necklace is certainly a-typical of Art Deco jewellery design during the period - its bold geometry for a new feminine look and movement. This necklace is typical of German jewellery design during the Art Deco period and most likely originates in the country. 

Wear it With...

This necklace would look stylish worn with a black or whilte halterneck dress. It's collar shape would be perfect for adding interest to such a neckline.