Joseff of Hollywood 1970s Frog on Lily Pads Russian Gold Plate Vintage Brooch

Featuring a whimsical and statement design, this brooch was created in the 1970s by the legendary American costume jewellery manufacturer Joseff of Hollywood.

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The Details...

This brooch is made from the Russian Gold Plate, which the Joseff of Hollywood brand was famed for producing. It features a frog sat upon a lily pad surrounded by three lillies with blue, polished glass cabochons at their centres. The brooch fastens with a round safety catch and the fastening pin is fitted to the brooch with a round hinge. The brooch is signed. It features and engraved 'Joseff' on the reverse of the brooch.  This brooch measures 8.5cm x 9cm. To find out more about Joseff of Hollywood jewellery, visit our 'Designers' section. 

A Short History...

This brooch is an a-typical example of work by a jeweller beloved by Hollywood's elite in the Golden Era of film-making. The flower motifs are an example of his affection for plant life. He had a large collection of antiquarian books about other cultures, art and nature. Perhaps these books influenced him in his choice of large lillies within this design?  

Wear it With...

This brooch looks stunning placed a top of a denim jacket, the contrast of the Russian Gold Plate with deep indigo is very striking.