All of the pieces in our collection have been hand selected by Gemma Redmond for their evocation of the past, beautiful craftsmanship and unique design. However, before purchasing from Gemma Redmond Vintage we ask you to bear in mind some important points.


All of our items are vintage and have, therefore, been worn and enjoyed by others. We ask you to consider this as part of our jewellery’s charm and this might mean that some pieces show signs of wear. In order to help you understand the appearance of the jewellery you buy, we ask you to read the ‘Condition Report’ on your item. At Gemma Redmond Vintage, there are four categories of condition:

Excellent - The item is in perfect condition. As pristine as the day it was made, it appears to have never been worn or has been looked after impeccably well.

Very Good - The item is in almost perfect condition. There are one or two signs of wear that are only visible on close inspection, perhaps with a magnifying glass, and these are always detailed in the item’s description.

Good - The item has endured regular use well for its age, but has picked up signs of wear along the way. This wear will be visible to those who know it is there and is always detailed in the item’s description.

Wearable - The item shows a number of signs of wear consistent with its age. They are clearly visible to all and are always detailed in the item’s description. There are few items available at Gemma Redmond Vintage which fall into this category. If they do, it is because they are collectable or charming. ‘Wearable’ items can still be worn and enjoyed - they provide a talking point and will still compliment any look.


Many of the pieces in the Gemma Redmond Vintage collection are by renowned costume jewellery designers. Our designer items have been judged to be authentic by Gemma Redmond. We are able to conclude the authenticity of jewellery through experience and extensive research into jeweller’s marks, design and manufacture techniques and materials used. A number of our items also have a clear provenance and all of our pieces are sourced from reputable dealers or trusted individuals, which further demonstrates their authenticity. 

At Gemma Redmond Vintage, we never knowingly sell replica pieces and do our utmost to guarantee the authenticity of your item. We believe in respecting the talent of designers and the heritage of brands. Consequently, if we are in any doubt about the authenticity of a product, then it does not become a part of the Gemma Redmond Vintage collection. However, in the unlikely event that you should have any concerns about your item, please contact us to discuss a refund. Please read our ‘Returns Policy’ for further information.  

Cleaning and Restoration

Prior to your purchase:

All of the pieces within the Gemma Redmond Vintage collection have been thoroughly cleaned in order to bring them as close a possible to their initial glory at the time of their manufacture. This cleaning is done carefully and comprehensively to ensure that the character of an item is retained and that it is suitable for a contemporary customer. 

A number of items at Gemma Redmond Vintage are very delicate due to their age or the nature of their design. Resultantly, over time, their components have been broken or lost and restoration work has been required. If a piece has undergone restoration, this will be detailed in the product description.  

After your purchase:

At Gemma Redmond Vintage, all of our jewellery is thoroughly checked, cleaned and, if necessary, restored before being sold on to our customers, with a clear condition report. We do, however, understand that issues can arise with jewellery once it is worn, which neither we, nor yourselves, could have predicted. If you do experience any problems with your genuine vintage jewellery, after your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do all that we can to repair pieces from Gemma Redmond Vintage within 6 months of purchase from us. 


The Gemma Redmond Vintage collection comprises of costume jewellery that was manufactured in the past. Many of the pieces were made in a time before laws prohibiting the use of certain metals in jewellery production came into effect. Please take note that you might be allergic to some of the metals utilised in some of the pieces of jewellery sold by us.


The jewellery within the Gemma Redmond Vintage collection has survived to this day because it has been well cared for throughout its lifetime. It is important to continue to care for the jewellery that you buy from us to ensure its continued preservation. Here are some suggestions:

- Be sure to store your jewellery within the boxes that we provide to ensure that it is protected. This is especially important when travelling with your pieces.

- Try not to get perfume or hairspray on your items. These liquids can damage the materials that our jewellery is made from.

- Try not to drop your jewellery or catch your jewellery against hard surfaces. If this happens over time, the findings and fixings can loosen and wear.

- Try not to get your jewellery wet. Some costume jewellery manufacturers utilised water soluble glue in the making of their pieces. Getting your jewellery wet could cause rhinestones and other details to fall away over time. 

- If you wish to clean your jewellery, use a soft polishing cloth or a soft brush.


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about buying our vintage costume jewellery. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Enjoy browsing, buying and wearing.