Christian Lacroix

    Christian Lacroix 1990s Gold Plated Vintage Bird Design Bracelet


    This stylish bracelet by French designer Christian Lacroix was made in the 1990s. 

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    The Details...

    This bracelet is constructed from gold plated metal. It features 4 chunky rope chains culminating in a a decorative press stud clasp. The ornate clasp is detailed with a bird motif, black glass cabochons and black enamel floral accents. The bracelet features a safety chain and comes with its original box. The bracelet is signed - the inside of the clasp features an oval cartouche stamped with 'CL CHRISTIAN LACROIX MADE IN FRANCE'.

    A Short History...

    This bracelet is a perfect example of Christian Lacroix's beautiful baroque detailing and love of mixing textures, materials and colour. In the early Nineties, Lacroix was enjoying a time of great popularity. His work provided an antithesis to the minimalism of designers like Calvin Klein. Opulence lovers could visit his stores to splurge on jewellery that reflected their style. It is doubtless that this bracelet would have made its way to the checkout with a daring fashionista.

    Wear it With...

    Pair this bracelet with black jeans and a black blazer with gold buttons for a chic statement.

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