G.J. Van Den Bergh 1950s Silver and Delftware Vintage Earrings


    These elegant earrings were created by the Dutch silversmith G.J. Van Den Bergh.

    Condition Report:

    Very Good - The silver has a slight patina due to age and use. However, this is only apparent upon close inspection and does not detract from the appeal of the piece. 


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    The Details...

    These earrings are constructed from silver - they are stamped '835' on the screw-backs. They feature delicate silver filigree details and beading. The earrings are also detailed with round and teardrop shaped ceramic, blue Delftware beads. The earrings attach to the ears with a screw-back mechanism. The earrings measure 6cm x 1.2cm. They are stamped 'GB5', which is the maker's mark of G.J. Van Den Bergh. 

    To view a clip of these earrings, click here: G.J. Van Den Bergh earrings

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    Pair these earrings with soft tailoring for an instantly chic look.  

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    The jewellery within the Gemma Redmond Vintage collection has survived to this day because it has been well cared for throughout its lifetime. It is important to continue to care for the jewellery that you buy from us to ensure its continued preservation. Here are some suggestions:

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